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tv   9 News Now at 6am  CBS  July 23, 2010 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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until 9:00 p.m. almost 6:00 a.m. hello, angie. >> it is friday. feeling good and moving all over the place on the map and green cars are telling us the realtime traffic is moving at a great pace. 95 northbound you are looking great, as well. volume is building around 123 and okay approaching the springfield interchange. 395 northbound no complaints here. a little bit of traffic is picking up past the duke street exit. in to maryland we go. actually 270 southbound. we will take it. 121 to the beltway moving at speed and 495 between 95 and 270, pretty sweet. no incidents or accidents to report at this time or any major delays. andrea, back to you. at the top of the hour, we bring you some of the stories happening in your world today. all eyes will be on the atlantic and tropical storm bonnie. the path takes it over the florida keys by tonight. after that the storm will head to the gulf of mexico. it could make land fall by
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monday. congress has until today to reject the district's legalization of medical marijuana. so far, no action is expected. even if it is allowed the rules and dispensaries could be months away. the army 0 chief of staff holds a retire ceremony for general mcchrystal. he lost his job last month over comments he made at a magazine interview. he will still retire as a four star general. also today metro riders are getting new promises about those hefty escalators. kristin fisher is live at the dupont circle station with more. >> metro is saying the chaos was caused by a communication break down. apparently there are radio dead spots in the station. so police had to rely on cell phones when they broke down and those didn't work out so well. so what's the solution? yesterday the board of
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directors announced they will be supplying metro stations with bull horns to aid in crowd management in crisis situations. now, met tremendous' boards a addressed the ongoing escalator repairs at the station. they say the work will continue another week but should be complete by the end of july. metro is apologizing for the inconvenience and the extra exercise but they say they have a good execution as to why these repairs have taken longer than usual. >> a lot of these units are very old and a lot of manufacturers that were around when the system was built and units were installed, a number of these companies are out of business. so there are a select number of outside sources we can go to. depending on the part and what's involved, sometimes we have to manufacture it ourselves and that also takes time. >> reporter: the good news is more escalator improvements are on the way as part of the red line rehabilitation project. the dew point circle station will be getting three escalators by 2011 along with several other stations on the
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red line. you know, andrea, with new escalators comes more construction. so riders can expect more construction in the short term but we should see much better working escalators in the long run. back to you. >> that's the long run, but is metro bringing in any outside help to fix it since the task is enormous. >> metro has been getting a lot of flak for escalator problems but they were ahead of the curve because last june the board brought in an outside expert to diagnose these chronic escalator problems that metro has been having over the year. the only problem is his report is not expected until mid september. so, we still have a few months to go until then as these escalator problems continue here at the dupont circle station. >> thank you. a good way to get exercise instead of going to the heat i guess. prince georges county
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police say they are investigating the drowning death of two people in upper marlboro. the investigation began with clark sneaking in to his neighbor's pool yesterday. however he didn't know how to swim and neither did his 59- year-old uncle who jumped in the water to save him. they were both at the bottom of the pool when firefighters arrived. however it was too late. clark and 59-year-old david massey were pronounced dead at southern maryland hospital in clinton. five people were injured in a crash at south dakota gaff. injuries to two of the victims are described as serious. pa firefighter was also hurt while trying to help one of the crash victims. president obama personality called shirley sherrod to apologize. she was the usda worker forced to resign after an edited video of her was posted by a
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conservative blogger. it made her look like a racist. sherrod talked about her call yesterday in atlanta. president obama is blaming agriculture -- >> what i wanted to do from this point. he reassured me that the secretary is serious about the offer and they are serious about trying to rid the department of discrimination. >> president obama said vilsack jumped the gun. vilsack has also apologized to sherrod. it's the latest part of our get hired series and jessica doyle is joining us with a new way to get noticed. >> that's right w. so much competition out there for every job you need to get noticed but if you think elegant font an thick paper are the only way to stand out, think again. there is a new way for job seekers to land the interview
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for a new job. >> i have been unemployed over nine months. >> reporter: bernie knew he had to do something different to stand out from the competition for a sales job. and then the found podcast it helps job seekers podcast their resume. >> it was actually easy. >> i have sold multimillion- dollar complex systems. >> reporter: here's how it worked. you use a web cam to make a video and send it to an employer and you can use your iphone. you have other options with cam studio or use apps like i video camera to make things easy. then upload to youtube or facebook. >> i have had several professional experiences. >> but this founder says there is a big advantage to using his site. >> you can't control your message on facebook or youtube. spends can make off-color comments. happens all the time. >> the reaction i got from
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employers were i never seen anything like this. this is really, really cool. >> reporter: really cool and as it turns our for bernie, really effective. >> i got five interviews in a month and a half, just landed my first job in over nine months. >> it costs $5 a month to join podcast people including a person or business website and keep in mind if you are looking for a new job, keep your receipts you can deduct the expenses come tax time. consider this if you are looking for a creative field or a personality driven field. this might be the ticket. >> i know we have seen these youtube casts where people want to be interns for the today or tonight show or something like that. congratulations to bernie. >> great news for him. tow trucks in the drill districts pulled away a car not wince but twice. finally someone figured out there was a body in the trunk. it wasn't until the stench got so bad police looked and found the body. the car was found along 18th street and k street two weeks
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ago. police say they don't don't generally inspect the vehicles unless it is part of a criminal probe. in four minutes the latest on the so-called cancer cluster at fort detrick. learn what is being done to keep the dangerous chemicals out of the water and why man says it is 20 years too late. we focus on maryland weather and traffic. let's start with howard. >> a scorcher of a friday. saturday will be even hotter. we are starting with conditions becoming muggier and muggier. dry in northern maryland but the dew points will be rising too. if you have any chance of a stray storm today, even garrett county by noon will see one. but low 90s in the metro and 94 in frederick. this afternoon, northern and western maryland may see a stray thunderstorm as temperatures the upper 90s in many areas. perhaps a little cooler if you
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are lucky by areas of water. on the outer loop from 95 to new hampshire avenue. we are watching the volume build. you are looking at silver spring. georgia avenue at wayne. we from are pretty much worry- free. no incidents or accidents to report. take you to river road and the wilson boulevard area. wilson lane, excuse me, where it looks like we have very traffic light. and the time now 6:09. we'll be right back.
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good morning. welcome back to 9 news now. the temperature is 78 degrees but we are definitely going up to the upper 90s today. howard will have the latest on our heat advisory in three minutes. hundreds of families atheir loved ones are dying from cancer and they blame contaminants coming from fort detrick. it is just outside of frederick, maryland. base officials are giving us a tour to show what is being done to protect the ground water. lindsey mastis was there and spoke to one father who says is too little too late. >> reporter: it is called area b where cancer causing waste was buried in land fills. >> these chemicals were buried in the ' 50s and ' 60s they did leak in the ground water and we now know they have migrated downstream and have gone off post. >> reporter: robert craig, the environmental coordinator at fort detrick said the problem
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was discovered in 1992 in the largest portion of contamination came from this land fill known as b-11. >> we moved approximately 3500- ton of contaminated soil materials. >> reporter: $43 million has been spent to remove some of the waste and now all six land fills in area b have been tapped. this have the polliette lean liner that is part of the cap. they put it down to act as an umbrella. so if it rains it doesn't get in the ground and spread contaminants in the water. >> i'm glad they are finally doing something but they are 20 years late. >> reporter: randy lost his daughter to brain cancer. >> she died in my arms. >> reporter: his other daughter battled tumor and his eck wife has terminal cancer. >> the problem is not just ground water but agent orange. >> reporter: white says he wants answers from fort detrick. this group says they are trying tour best to uncover every hazard created a half century ago. >> there is still ground water
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contamination. there's no way around that. what's the final remedy and we are a few ways away from knowing what the remedy will be. >> reporter: at fort detrick, slipped mastis, 9 news now. >> they are actively working residents to learn about potential problems. they do it through thes restore ration advisory board. the next meeting is monday night. right now it is 6:13. here's what is in the news now. a judge reviewing arizona's immigration law says she has no plans on blocking the entire law but could halt some of the sections. the law is set to take effect on thursday. >> congressman rangel faces a trial in the house. a house charged the new york democrat with militarile ethics violations. he had to resign his chairmanship on the house ways an means committee. plenty of lain but no reports of serious damage in milwaukee. a strong line of thunderstorms
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moved through yesterday afternoon. tornadoes were spotted in other parts of wisconsin. wisconsin, northwestern illinois all night has been pouring there. more flooding is going on and around here we could use rain and we have heat a lot of heat. >> it is july. are we complaining needlessly or is this even more. >> the average high is 89. we have had some many days of 90-degree heat and tomorrow in the 100s. it is okay to complain about t it. i give you permission to whine about the heat. i certainly will. show you the heat advisory. goes in to affect at noon. all the counties in orange, which is the entire metro area, eastern shore, southern pennsylvania and the mountains not in the advisory but still hot, as well. a slim chance of a thunderstorm and air quality
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unthem healthy for sensitive groups. warming quickly and through the 70s and 80s. light southwesterly winds. this afternoon, heat advisories, hot and humid, stray thunderstorm. wasn't that humid yesterday. you will feel it today. 95 to locally 100 and then tonight, partly cloudy, warm and muggy. 75 in the cool spots to 82 downtown and by the bay, southwest at five and 27 on the sunset. temperatures in the 70s although 68 in reston and manassas and 69 in laytonsville. 73 brandywine and crofton and arlington is 73. now 72 here in springfield and national, thanks to the warmer waters of the potomac, 78 degrees. if you are going to the beach or the bay, water temperatures in the 80s. in bay in the mid-80s feeing like 80 on the heat index and no winds to mix up the air. big storm. we talked about it a moment ago. up in southern wisconsin. look at how they go over the same area. they are going to have some flooding problem and other storms to the north.
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nothing is really coming near us. may see a couple of storms bubble up in the mountains later this afternoon and this evening. tonight things will quiet down as the storms continue to rake to the north. saturday won't be much different. maybe a little closer but i don't think until sunday we have a better chance of afternoon storms ahead of that frontal boundary. in the tropics, we are watching bonnie. bonnie got stronger and upgraded from a depression yesterday. quickly moving through the bahamas approaching south florida. it will push across the keys today to the gulf of mexico by tonight actually. so still a slow strengthening trend, 45 to 50 miles an hour or so. and wind speeds aapproaching the louisiana coast tomorrow night and sunday morning and it is currently 830 miles or so from new orleans. the seven-day forecast is a hot one. temperatures today upper 90s. low 100s. in fact locally 104 tomorrow. 97 on sunday with a few
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afternoon storms. monday looks better. 91. angie will be cooking on the sidewalk. she is taking orders already. couple of storms and around 90 on monday. what's cooking out here? not too much which is a it from thing for drivers. looks like everybody is okay. a live look at sky 9 if we can from up above. here's the weltway. we will skip that and take you to 66 and show you virginia. minor delays moving from 50 to 123 and looking ahead i want you to know you are urged not to use the inner loop in virginia near the 95 exit, west of telegraph road starting at 9:00 p.m. tonight until 10:00 tomorrow morning. they are doing emergency construction with the overpass and will reduce the three lanes
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down to one. we are expecting major backups and ramp closures. i have posted everything you need to know at just click on the traffic tab on the home page. andrea, over to you. it is 6:18. heim i'm here in the web center and checking on great historical photos put on-line by the district's death department of transportation this really is a trip back in time like this photo behind me from 1965. this is the approach from virginia. bet you didn't realize that. here's a few more photos. we start 64 years ago at the georgetown waterfront. it was very industrial back then. you can see smokestacks. there are also warehouses along the c&o canal. of course this is long before there was a whitehurst freeway. so k street could actually see the sun. this is pennsylvania avenue and barney circle in 1948. there's a place for buses and streetcars to turn around and this is before the exit from
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295 and 395 was built. that area is all just trees in this photo. and finally we check out f street and 13th streets from 1965. you can see the old stores and car an not even a lot of traffic. streetcar tracks still go down the road. today this is metro center and the warner theater. you can check out the nearly two dozen photos. we have a link to ddot's photo page. go to and look under 9 news extras. right now it is 6:19. next in sports, which national came up huge for the team yesterday in cincinnati? and how much are the redskins worth? in four minutes where they rank among the world's sports franchises [. [ male announcer ] using frontline plus
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good morning, everyone. i'm brett haber with the wakeup sports. the nats have played 96 games this year and only twice has the starting pitcher thrown a complete game. same guy both time and it was not strasburg and his 102-mile an hour fast ball. it was hernandez and his 65- mile an hour whatever you call that thing. livo and his craftiness facing the reds yesterday. struck out five and scattered seven hits allowed one run to the red's team which has the highest batting rate of the league. 7-1 nats. would he get the complete game two outs bottom nine. stubs gives it a ride but it stays in the park. 7-1 final and the for the second time the nats pitcher goes the distance. o's hosting the twins. bases loaded in the 1stinning
6:24 am
and that is not a good way to start if you are a birds fan. young takes millwood to the wall and left. all three runs score as the o's make the magic again getting blanked 5-0. forbes magazine released the list of the most valuable sports franchises and the redskins placed fourth in the world with an estimated value of $1.55 billion. only the yankees, the cowboys and the manchester united are said to be worth more. that's a look at sports this morning. i'm brett haber, have a great friday, everybody. ahead the latest on the metro escalator accident which injured a little girl. the late george steinbrenner is still beating the system. how the yankees owner is getting money even after his death. it will be a scorcher today. howard has our sizzling forecast when 9 news now returns. [ female announcer ] fact.
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welcome back. 6:28. this is a live look at dupont circle in northwest washington. as you can see there, it is 78 degrees. howard says this could be another record-breaking day and he wanted me to experience what he has been talking about. because i usually go from
6:29 am
garage to garage and stick to the air conditioner. it is muggy out here and it is 62:23:48 the morning. >> yesterday it had the clean feel to it. >> the air dunn smell good. >> we will have somebody come out and get get some fresheners for you. little spray. a fairly nice day. sunrise 6:01 and the storms in pennsylvania and new york, say bye-bye to them. wave to them. they are not coming here. right now 78 degrees. 68 in the mountains but 80 or so in annapolis. warm start toe day. me thug gives are back. mid-80s by nine. low 90s by lunchtime and upper 90s to near 100 this afternoon. a heated a have you every goes in to affect at noon and will be in affect until 9:00 p.m. the weekend forecast is coming up. right now angie has a look at the traffic. look at 395 northbound, looks like we have a slow go. they are here to stay for the
6:30 am
rush hour from duke to seminary. you are below speed and again from 110 toward the 14th street bridge. as we take you to the maps, i want to show you everything is looking nice out there. nice and glean across our viewing area. outside and inside the beltway. as we take you to 395, we are slow from duke to seminary. no incidents to tell you about. 66 also delayed from 50 to 123. and 270 looks like your delay is stretching from germantown road to 124. it is more volume than anything. minor delay at the most. andrea, back to you. we are waiting to see if congress acts today on the plan to legalize medical marijuana. if it doesn't act today, the plan will take effect immediately. it will allow dispensaries to open in the district. anyone with a doctor's prescription could legally buy marijuana. even if it is allowed to pass today, don't expect to see people smoking tomorrow. rules and permits could take
6:31 am
months to be approved. a lot of people are finding their commute on metro this summer inlewds a hike up and down the escalator. kristin fisher is live to say there's is good news on the horizon. good morning, kristin, what is it? >> there's good news. there's a ton of people out there who are sick and tired of hiking up and down these escalators every single day. the good news, metro says you have to deal with it about another week. it should be completely repaired by the beginning of august. only another week to deal with this right now and more improvements are on the way. the due upon circle station will be getting three brand new escalators by 2011 and that's not all. metro will be renovating and replacing dozens of escalator and elevator on the red line at the following stations, farragut north, metro center, gallery place, judiciary square, foggy bottom and union station. so, you can expect to see much more construction in the short term, but big improvements in
6:32 am
the long run. until then, metro is asking all the riders to be patient until repairs are complete. >> given the complexity and nature of these units and how much work that is involved in maintaining them and how much wear and tear it takes on an average day we ask our customers if they can be be patient. if the unit is down we will get to it as soon as possible to make a quick fix or make repairs as soon as we can so it can go back in to service. >> reporter: metro's board of directors met yesterday to discuss the escalator issues but they also addressed what went wrong last week when smoke started to billow out of an escalate here at the dupont circle station. metro transit police said that all of the day i don't see was caused by a complete communication breakdown. apparently there are radioed dead spots inside of the due upon circle station. so when the escalators broke down the metro police had to rely on what the rest of us use, cell phones and we all know how reliable cell phones are when you are way deep
6:33 am
underground. so what's the solution? metro says they are going to be issuing bull horns to help aid in crowd management. so, there you go. that's their solution for the short term, andrea, bull horns. >> yeah, that's going to make a big difference. thank you, kristin. a 4-year-old girl is recovering after a horrifying incident on an escalator. it happened yesterday at the l'enfant metro station. the girl's fingers got caught after she fell. the escalator was shut down for a while so it could be expect inspected but it is open this morning. metro has these safety tips posted on its website -- you
6:34 am
can only hope the elevators are working. an accused terrorist wannabe from northern virginia is due back in court today. prosecutors say 20-year-old zachary chesser from oakton, virginia, wanted to become a fighter for somali terror group linked to al-qaeda. however, he failed in two attempts to reach africa. an fbi affidavit said his mother-in-law stopped chesser once and the second time he was told he was on the no-fly list. >> the kid's a pose sew. he really was way over his head. he didn't know what he was getting in to. >> according to court documents, chesser married a muslim woman last year. he gained notoriety after reportedly making indirect death threats to the creators of south park for marking the prophet mohammad on their show. jessica doyle is back with another "living $mart" report. you say uncle sam is taking on
6:35 am
some for profits. >> that's right. these are for profit colleges you hear the ads for them all the time. they are technical institutes and for profit organizations that promise you good jobs after training. now they are in the white house cross hairs the obama administration released a proposal that would tighten for profit colleges access for federal student aid and impact apoll he group, itt educational services and career education. the issue, students often graduating with high debt loads to enter in to low-paying careers. so what are the hottest technology products out there right now the consumer electronics association is upping projections of sales to retailers for these products -- they project revenue to grow 3% over last year. the government is missing out on a payout from the estate of george steinbrenner because
6:36 am
the estate lapse at the end of 2009, his family is avoiding a tax payment of $500 million. yes, this tax return is at the beginning of next year at a 55% rate. can you imagine $500 million because of that time period. >> i have heard one legislator on the floor of the house said he was smart enough to die this year. >> he said it, we didn't. >> the numbers are out but we did warn you, area police cited more than 700 people during a crackdown on hov violater on wednesday. hundreds of other drivers were ticketed or received warnings for inspection violation and expired registrations. police patrolled interstate 66, 95 and 395 and the dulles toll road in virginia and interstates 270 and 495 in maryland. nine drivers were cited for reckless driving. 70 other forest speeding. our time is 6:36. ahead why new rules designed to protect a lobster
6:37 am
population were tossed out. and how rules helping crabs in the chesapeake are working for the crabs as well as watermen. that story is five minutes away ever we will focus on weather and traffic. here's howard. >> we are looking warm now and a scorcher of an afternoon. the next three afternoons will be hot, especially tomorrow. we start with friday. thank god it is friday. right huh? we have sunshine this morning. a lotle haze. temperatures in the low to mid- 70s to start. that's the good news. by 9:00, look at that. already in the 80s in many areas. lower 80s. a lot of sunshine. as we get to lunchtime, winchester 94. culpeper 93. fairfax 91. we are topping out this afternoon, upper 90s to even 100 toward tappahannock. >> okay. virginia, we have a traffic alert for you. from sky 9 looking at route 7 at red berry court. this is near dranesville road.
6:38 am
this is the scene of an accident where we had a vehicle turned on its side. traffic is slow approaching the scene. if you are heading this way factor in extra minutes and use caution. looks like they will be throughout out there for another half hour or so. meanwhile on 395 no incidents or accidents out here but we are below speech speed from duke to seminary. and it is growing. we will end with a live shot of 50 near glen road where everything is nice and all is a go. tgif. we'll be right back. ♪
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welcome back. we go to the top of the charts and check out one of the hottest things on youtube. a guy op the left parked in front of his entrance so he
6:43 am
gets a rope and tows the offender himself. that is taking matters in to his own hand. the video has been viewed 350,000 times in the last 24 hours. and we want to take you live right now to outside the walter e. washington convention center. people are linedded up right now for mortgage assistance. this program doesn't even open until 9:00 a.m. the event is put on by the neighborhood assistance corporation of america. it will run 24 hours a day every day between now and next friday. and it is free for anyone who needs help with their mortgage. monday morning at this time we will talk to the head of the naca to learn more about this very busy event. it is 6:43. the plan to ban lobster fishing along the east coast has been struck down. it would have covered massachusetts to north carolina. lobstermen say it would have destroy their industry. now the atlantic fishery commission which oversees lobster rules will consider
6:44 am
lesser restrictions to help the lobster population. now to crabs, maryland made female crabs off limits last fall in an effort to boost their populationlation and it seems to have worked. our sister station w jay-z reports it is helping better mayne as well. for more fall is the busiest time. that hurt waterman and packing houses alike and increase population of blue crabby 60%. maryland is easing the restriction on the female harvest? the face of increased population, offering nine day of potential harvest for the commercial. >> it is an important move and it will not hurt the crab population but will really help the crabbers. >> reporter: last year with full restrictions in effect was not an easy year for watermen. it was bad federal disaster money was used to put them to
6:45 am
work in the winter doing jobs like clearing so-called ghost -- >> a lot have been cut off by the traffic. >> it offered a lifeline to watermen. >> every little bit helps it is not going to fill the void on what we lost on the female crabs but every little bit helps. >> that will give them back nine day and it's very important to them. >> the adjustment is being made for the 2010 population. it is not a permanent adjustment. the plan we have in maryland is to ensure that the harvest stays within safe limits. >> reporter: even a temporary easing of the rules this fall buys watermen some breathing room. >> that was wjz reporting. howard is here an you know what he will tell you. >> you must be holding up all right. you had a really long day yesterday.
6:46 am
>> she doesn't just have fun with us. >> that's it for us at 6:00 a.m. -- >> at 6:00 a.m. >> at 6:00. stay tuned for the evening news with katie couric. >> topper and bret had a little fun. >> it was gooding with being with them again. i went through the whole evening without saying good morning to anyone and then on the last line. >> it happens. >> let's talk about the heat. we had a lot of heat today. thank you for being a sport. a lot of heat today. the temperatures will soar in the upper 90s and pushing 100 in a few spots. in the upper 70s. enjoy it now. we will be in the 80s by 9:00. 92 at lunchtime and 98 my forecast high here in washington today and code orange which is unhealthy for sensitive groups on the air quality. this morning we will warm to the 70s and 80s. this afternoon heat advisory in to play at noon. hot and humid with a stray
6:47 am
thunderstorm. heat index value around 1 so 5. partly cloudy and warm tonight. 75 to 82. southwest winds at five. sunset 27. dew points are coming back. they dropped to the low 60s and pushing 70 now and the air is feeling muggier. 72 for springfield and brandywine is 74 for you. 78 outside. feeling like 80 with high clouds but a good start to the day with light have winds but the moisture is coming back. got the ridge to the south. this area of high pressure is responsible for the heat and it is not moving much right now. under that ridge this is what we are looking at as far as the storms taking a break from being there. we are looking at the showers and storms. they don't want to move much thanks to what is going on
6:48 am
here. what is happening in the gulf of mexico is an upper level low and that's a good thing. it is keeping things from moving all that much. or developing that much with bonnie in the gulf. we will watch that carefully for you. all right. let's -- well, the computer is completely frozen. i will tell you an the forecast. upper 90s for today. tomorrow pushing 102 for a high and then as we head to sunday we will be back in the upper 90s with a chance of storms. reboot is coming up. here's angie. >> doesn't want to. >> in the weather it could be melting, not freezing. 12 minutes from the 7:00 hour. live from sky 9 we have an update for you. there's the situation. on route 7 eastbound at red berry court. this is very close to dranesville road. the accident is pushed to the shoulder. all lanes are getting by but slow approaching the scene. we are thinking in 20 minutes this should be completely
6:49 am
cleared. move to 395 northbound, we are bumper-to-bumper from duke over to seminary. and slow again crossing the 14th street bridge. maryland, 270, what about your delays? what delays? everybody is smooth sailing often 270. meanwhile, i want you to know about 95. we are looking ahead. tonight starting at 9:00 p.m. until 10:00 tomorrow morning you are going to want to avoid the inner loop near the 95 exit and that's because they are doing some construction overnight involving the overpass. they are going to reduce three lanes down to one. close some ramps off. don't worry we have you covered. everything is posted at i want to show you 270, smooth sailing. it is time for a quick hero central report. and this morning we are saluting the navy sailor of the year. in fact it is actually four sailors and for the first time ever the honor is going out to
6:50 am
four women. >> good job. >> thank you. >> feels incredible. we all were merit 0ously promoted to the rank of chief petty officer. it is a dream for us and we are happy to be here. >> it was established by admiral in 1972. in sports the nationals are in milwaukee tonight. they open a three-game series with the brewers. the nats escaped cincinnati with a series split. the i am da dunn got it done. the nats top the reds 7-1. it is 6:50. let's see if it is still 78 degrees, holding there in northwest washington. sadly one person is dead after a car crash in calvert county. that story is three minutes away. [ female announcer ] welcome to busch gardens williamsburg,
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we're waiting for police to release the name of the person killed in this crash. it happened in oings county, maryland. the road was closed for several hours. there will be new turn lanes and longer signals along 35 -- 355. the goal is to cut delays by 45%. and work on cleaning up the b.p. oil spill will have to wait until tropical storm bonnie moves by. it's expected to brush past the florida keys today and could hit the louisiana coast by monday. howard? we are in for a hot weekend. today we will warm up quickly to the low 90s by lunchtime. upper 90s for a high and i will have the steamy seven day and angie's traffic when we return.
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we go to comic con in san diego. it's the annual comic, movies, television blog video games and more event. some call it the geek super bowl. others see it as a big money event. maybe it is both. a reporter dressed as bat girl went to see who she could find. >> i found him. what have you been doing, ronen. >> hiding from you. >> no, just kidding. >> looked it is my son. how are you? how are you go do you know who i am? >> he is going, who are you? >> comic con goes through sunday evening. >> he is like pick up my mask. >> let's talk about this accident out in virginia. route 7 eastbound at red berry court we have an accident that is off to the shoulder. slow approaching the scene. 395 northbound, we bespeed bumper-to-bumper from duke to seminary. slow approaching the bridge.
6:59 am
on the outer loop in maryland from 95 to georgia. looks like the delay is here to stay but it is sunny. >> and hot, getting hotter. in the 70s now, here 80 on the bay. upper 90s to near 100 today. heated a have you every by noon until 10:00. record breaking heat tomorrow, 97 on sunday with a couple of storms and 90ish next week. as for the last trading day on the week we are looking higher. investors are hoping to repeat the rally. 200 points of the dow yesterday. the "early show" is up next. we will have the latest on tomorrow bonnie. plus, the latest cat, person, whatever kicked out of the big brother house. >> we hope you will join us for the news at noon. i will be there. howard will be there. get ready for the weekend and we will see you 4:25 monday morning. >> have a great weekend. stay cool.